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Thursday, December 22nd, 2011


On a leafy site in Caulfield this proposal incorporates 2 new three bedroom houses, their sympathetic positioning on the site creating its own ‘infill’ into which a one bedroom apartment sits, separating the main structures and creating a series of green terraces. The  geometries are punctuated with a series of windows obscurring the floor /roof heights  and dissolving the corners allowing the buildings to sit delicately within the surrounding urban landscape.

/ hillside habitat

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Hillside Habitat Kinglake Victoria Australia  Architects: Edward

Hillside Habitat Kinglake Victoria Australia  Architects: Edward

Hillside Habitat Kinglake Victoria Australia  Architects: Edward

Hillside Habitat Kinglake Victoria Australia  Architects: Edward

We have recently completed a new home built to replace one lost on Black Saturday on a steep mountain site overlooking the Kinglake National Park with views to the Mornington peninsular beyond,this exhilarating location with its towering eucalyptus trees and diminishing scars from that phenomenal day required a design response equally as unique.

The brief was to design a home that embraced the notion of living whilst engaging with the landscape surrounding it. We developed a biophilic design response considering every component of its surrounding environment. There is an instinctive, biological bond between humans and other living systems. The idea is that people thrive best in environments that have other forms of life around, and flourish in spaces that are more like habitats. The floor plan takes the static elements necessary for living and arranges them as individual elements beneath the unifying roof structure. The delicate roof structure provides essential shelter from the rain and sun, whilst unifying the elements below.

The term “biophilia” literally means “love of life or living systems. used to describe an attraction to all that is alive and vital. Biophilia describes “the connections that human beings subconsciously seek with the rest of life.” The attractions and positive feelings that people have toward certain habitats, activities, and objects in their natural surroundings.

Photography / Peter Bennetts

/ artist studio

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Docker Street Studio Elwood Victoria Australia  Architects: Edwa

Docker Street Studio Elwood Victoria Australia  Architects: Edwa

Docker Street Studio Elwood Victoria Australia  Architects: Edwa

Docker Street Studio Elwood Victoria Australia  Architects: Edwa

Docker Street Studio Elwood Victoria Australia  Architects: Edwa

An artist’s studio adjacent to an existing first floor art deco apartment situated in Elwood, Melbourne. The site occupies a former parking space & ownership was restricted to a maximum above ground height of 3m. The studio has been designed to accommodate a shower/wet area, canoe storage, kitchenette & WC. The external skin is a combination of a white render finish and semi-translucent fibre glass sheeting to allow light to the interior whilst also relating to the adjoining building. Internally the timber structure is expressed and partly lined with plywood. Operable porthole windows (made from inspection hatches) provide ventilation and additional natural light.

Photography / Peter Bennetts

/ treehouse

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011


We were approached by the coolhunter to design an innovative & sustainable treehouse.

We chose to design an elevated platform removed from the urban context to bestow a tranquillity on the inhabitant, the kind only found in the childlike discovery of a space where the only aspect is that of the ever changing, awe inspiring sky. The journey, climbing upwards through the shards of light, provides the initial separation, adhoc steps on irregular planes engaging the mind and triggering the imagination. The focus is shifted, the dreams of one’s youth begins to emerge. Here among the ‘branches’ a camouflaged rest offers the adventurer the opportunity to hide, shelter from the elements and enjoy the security of enclosure, but continue upwards and the wonder of uninterrupted and exclusive views of the sky provoke wonder, peace, escape.

/ dispersed density

Thursday, January 20th, 2011




Housing development

On a site in a Ballarat suburb synonymous with the traditional Australian dream of the detached house on a large block, we have designed a housing development responding to the dialogue of urban density and quality sustainable development. Most houses are built are designed with the ídeal’ notion of the nuclear family in mind, something that current statistics must render unsustainable.Our proposal provides an alternative to this, taking into account the realities of differing living demographics in our population.

The aim  was to  increase the density whilst providing adaptable  residential  accommodation which sets a benchmark for a sustainable high quality development. Focusing on a quality of fabric, quality of use and quality of life. Through efficient planning a floor plate of significantly reduced scale maximises external aspect and private open space. Utilizing rhythm and pattern in order to create moments of contrast and difference. Maximising open, connective spaces and access to natural light and cross ventilation. focusing on creating positive change in the urban environment through innovative place-specific modern architecture.

/ quarters

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010


We recently submitted our proposal for a new project by Living Architecture and Artangel in association with the Southbank Centre and the London 2012 Festival inviting architects to propose designs for a room which will sit on top of the Queen Elizabeth Hall roof at the Southbank Centre in London and allows up to two guests at a time a chance to spend a unique night in an exemplary work of art and architecture overlooking the British capital.

The room we propose is visible due its spectacular location, yet rather than acting as a beacon,the quarters becomes apparent due to its muteness. The matt black felt of the exterior skin heightens this sense at night, where a faint glow from the interior hints at its occupancy to the rest of London. A black mysterious and dense form questions and intrigues. From within, soft timber lined spaces allow for contemplation and retreat whilst the panorama of london beyond is experienced in a series of fragmented views.

“ The room will offer a place of temporary withdrawl, a retreat from which guests can reflect on the problems and possibilities of an urban 21st Century life”

/ split-sub house

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010


close up

A new house for a sloping site with spectacular 180 degree views eastwards across the Yarra Valley.

The house is split into two halves to create a private internal courtyard which provides access through the entirity of the house – front to back. The two halves of the house can also be opened onto the courtyard to create semi- external spaces. The narrow plan forms of the two halves together with the courtyard allow for natural cooling through cross-ventilation and act to draw air through the house.

/ box119

Friday, August 13th, 2010



Extension and renovation of an existing semi-detached house  to provide new primary bedroom space, additional living area and guest wing.

With axial views to the front garden and a private rear courtyard, garden areas are brought inward to the new living space, connecting to a double height nucleus.

Overlooking this central open core and set behind a glass wall, the bedroom is enclosed by an adjustable timber louvered box, allowing for various degrees of privacy.

A green roof over the living space visually links to the master bathroom, providing views out from the shower and additional growing area.

The guest and service wing add a dynamic form to the composition with the tapered wedge shape drawing the eye through the space and out into the adjoining garden. A shell-like interior serves as a backdrop to satellite fixtures and fittings, using concrete and raw materials to achieve a stark, muted colour palette.

/ 40 degree house

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Affordable Bushfire resistant home

Our aim was to design a durable home that embraces the notion of living whilst engaging with the landscape surrounding it. A flexible design that can allow for the building to be located on any site to suit its orientation,topography and outlook. The design also allows for expansion of the house as well as additional options for varying sizes of living spaces.

The floor plan takes the static elements necessary for living and arranges them as individual elements beneath the unifying green roof structure.





/ cubby house

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Cubby House

Extension & renovation of an apartment overlooking an adjacent public swimming pool.

100323 0020

The Concept

To provide additional floor area for an upper level bedroom/study space and new bathroom with the lower level acting as the main living space.Inspired by the ‘raumplan’concept – designing continuous spaces for living rather than regularly divided floors with limited flexibility – the house has minimal doors and walls. Incorporating pool views and making it part of the interior, using reflection and raised planes – new surfaces at the rear of the space are reflective to enhance the ambivalence between interior and exterior.

100323 0001

Lower Level
Featuring a raised ceiling level and an elevated kitchen floor (as part of the staircase) to allow views out and to the pool whilst cooking, with a semi-enclosed balcony performing as part of the living space. A sliding reflective gold box acts as a lobby door, screening the toilet as well as comprising wine storage. This space also includes a bookshelf with an incorporated dog kennel.

100323 0007

100323 0010

100323 0006

Upper Level

New steelwork provides the structure for the new roof form, with a double height void running through the house to the new roof light.Left partly exposed, the steelwork & bracing create a dynamic with the new roof form. The angled ceiling to the bathroom pod enlarges the upper level space and integrates a hole punctured to allow for the shower. Overlooking the pool, the shower space also provides a view to the sky through the roof light. Glazed panels at each end of the bathroom heighten the presence of natural light and allows for views whilst maintaining a degree of privacy.

100323 0013

Rotating to create a small study or guest bedroom space, an OSB wardrobe with gold reflective plane facing the pool defines the bedroom space. A small external terrace provides a more private, intimate space to the bedroom area and provides natural ventilation through the house.


A contrast is created between sharp lines and rough surfaces.Reflecting  a neutral palette – reclaimed limed timber, OSB, sisal, vic ash and white concrete floor. Joinery elements include the bookshelf, sliding mirrored gold box, and rotating wardrobe element which acts as wall.


Peter Bennetts

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