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/ dolls house

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013









A low cost renovation to a tiny workers cottage, dubbed  the ‘dolls house’ by neighbours at only 3.5m wide. Retaining the original brick portion of the house and then extending the house to connect with the rear laneway. Two courtyards provide the interior with direct connection to a garden whilst generating a contiunous and connected series of living spaces.

The courtyard walls are angled to further enhance the external volumes, breaking down the linearity of the narrow site. They are designed to daylight and ventilate the interior, acting as additional circulation zones and open the interior to the garden creating constant views to and through the entire length of the house, making their open spaces appear as part of the interior.

Views to other rooms – which are all similar in terms of materiality and colour – make all the spaces seem connected, which in turn makes them look and feel bigger than they are.

Retaining the existing structure of the house and fabric of the interior -exposing the existing brick wall, previous plasterwork and sketches made on the walls during construction give a visual memory of the existing workers cottage providing a context for the home.

Raw and untreated finishes create a grit that compliments the owner’s desire for an uncomplicated living arrangement. A rustic yet industrial, functional yet whimsical atmosphere is created through the mix of high and low objects and materials.

Photography / Fraser Marsden

/ queen

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012





The renovation of an existing suburban house into a new home for our most colourful clients to date. A playful and vibrant insertion of elements within the newly created open plan space create a seamless connection between levels, and gentle transition between the functions for living.

The use of carefully sited geometries creating the path of travel and necessary separations without the need for doors or corridors. Each element made from a striking material and colour palette, intended to support the development of the occupants ongoing stylistic expression.

Downstairs the new open plan living area is defined by the oversized marblo island bench and suspended staircase.

Upstairs, the robes create an generous entrance to the master bedroom, the black satin stained blackbutt lining contrasting with the vivid yellow lining of the stairs which seamlessly wraps up the wall to become the enclosure for the robe. Once in the master bedroom the custom made blackbutt bath becomes the focus of the room, around which the ensuite is arranged. Various levels of privacy ensuring the space remains expansive yet modest.

Further images/ dezeen The Age

Photography / Fraser Marsden

Contractor / Greg Scott Constructions

/ cubby house

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Cubby House

Extension & renovation of an apartment overlooking an adjacent public swimming pool.

100323 0020

The Concept

To provide additional floor area for an upper level bedroom/study space and new bathroom with the lower level acting as the main living space.Inspired by the ‘raumplan’concept – designing continuous spaces for living rather than regularly divided floors with limited flexibility – the house has minimal doors and walls. Incorporating pool views and making it part of the interior, using reflection and raised planes – new surfaces at the rear of the space are reflective to enhance the ambivalence between interior and exterior.

100323 0001

Lower Level
Featuring a raised ceiling level and an elevated kitchen floor (as part of the staircase) to allow views out and to the pool whilst cooking, with a semi-enclosed balcony performing as part of the living space. A sliding reflective gold box acts as a lobby door, screening the toilet as well as comprising wine storage. This space also includes a bookshelf with an incorporated dog kennel.

100323 0007

100323 0010

100323 0006

Upper Level

New steelwork provides the structure for the new roof form, with a double height void running through the house to the new roof light.Left partly exposed, the steelwork & bracing create a dynamic with the new roof form. The angled ceiling to the bathroom pod enlarges the upper level space and integrates a hole punctured to allow for the shower. Overlooking the pool, the shower space also provides a view to the sky through the roof light. Glazed panels at each end of the bathroom heighten the presence of natural light and allows for views whilst maintaining a degree of privacy.

100323 0013

Rotating to create a small study or guest bedroom space, an OSB wardrobe with gold reflective plane facing the pool defines the bedroom space. A small external terrace provides a more private, intimate space to the bedroom area and provides natural ventilation through the house.


A contrast is created between sharp lines and rough surfaces.Reflecting  a neutral palette – reclaimed limed timber, OSB, sisal, vic ash and white concrete floor. Joinery elements include the bookshelf, sliding mirrored gold box, and rotating wardrobe element which acts as wall.


Peter Bennetts

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