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Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Cubby House

Extension & renovation of an apartment overlooking an adjacent public swimming pool.

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The Concept

To provide additional floor area for an upper level bedroom/study space and new bathroom with the lower level acting as the main living space.Inspired by the ‘raumplan’concept – designing continuous spaces for living rather than regularly divided floors with limited flexibility – the house has minimal doors and walls. Incorporating pool views and making it part of the interior, using reflection and raised planes – new surfaces at the rear of the space are reflective to enhance the ambivalence between interior and exterior.

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Lower Level
Featuring a raised ceiling level and an elevated kitchen floor (as part of the staircase) to allow views out and to the pool whilst cooking, with a semi-enclosed balcony performing as part of the living space. A sliding reflective gold box acts as a lobby door, screening the toilet as well as comprising wine storage. This space also includes a bookshelf with an incorporated dog kennel.

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Upper Level

New steelwork provides the structure for the new roof form, with a double height void running through the house to the new roof light.Left partly exposed, the steelwork & bracing create a dynamic with the new roof form. The angled ceiling to the bathroom pod enlarges the upper level space and integrates a hole punctured to allow for the shower. Overlooking the pool, the shower space also provides a view to the sky through the roof light. Glazed panels at each end of the bathroom heighten the presence of natural light and allows for views whilst maintaining a degree of privacy.

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Rotating to create a small study or guest bedroom space, an OSB wardrobe with gold reflective plane facing the pool defines the bedroom space. A small external terrace provides a more private, intimate space to the bedroom area and provides natural ventilation through the house.


A contrast is created between sharp lines and rough surfaces.Reflecting  a neutral palette – reclaimed limed timber, OSB, sisal, vic ash and white concrete floor. Joinery elements include the bookshelf, sliding mirrored gold box, and rotating wardrobe element which acts as wall.


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Thursday, March 25th, 2010

site massing diags


The design concept offers a more compact way of living -a series of mini- houses conceived as a series of elemental and generic ‘tetris-like’ typlogies with opportunities for double height interior spaces with a northern aspect.The elevations are conceived as a wrapping and inter-twining of vertcially grooved timber and ribbed steel plating in equal proportion.Over time the materials will blend with each other and integrate into their contextual surroundings.

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Thursday, March 25th, 2010



Our friends at urban reforestation asked us to help with a reforestation masterplan for victoria harbour.

The project aims to become a destination point within the Docklands precinct as well as providing the base for outreach projects as they develop across the city.

The design considers the current site in Victoria Harbour as well as identifying areas for ‘reforestation’ beyond the site boundary – both within Docklands and the City of Melbourne. As part of this we have started design of a food and community hub to compliment the existing community garden.

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/ screen lobby

Friday, March 5th, 2010



We were asked to look at a small entrance space to a prominent housing block in south melbourne.

The lobby & facade were considered as part of the external land/street scape as viewed by passing cars and how this relates to the notion of ‘speed’ in terms of perception from the moving car.

When viewed ‘head on’ a series of three coloured panels at varying depth are seen in unison.

When moving past or from a different vantage point the shards start to overlap each other providing new combinations of colours and illusion to the depth of field of the lobby space.